680 Lincoln Apartments

680 Lincoln Apartments
Napa County
  • 680 Lincoln Avenue
  • Property owner, John Gianaras, at the 680 Lincoln Apartments

When John Gianaras purchased the multifamily property at 680 Lincoln in 2009, he knew that there was some work to be done. Th e previous owner had upgraded the roof and put in new windows, but most of the 14 units had not been renovated since they were built in the early 1970’s. Over the next few years, John made incremental upgrades to the common
areas and apartments in order to keep quality tenants, but he knew he needed help deciding on which comprehensive improvements to undertake.

So when John received the letter from the County of Napa about the Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements program, he was happy to learn that he could receive no-cost technical assistance to select cost-eff ective upgrades. The initial site visit identifi ed several upgrade opportunities that not only improved the energy performance but improved the safety of the property.

“As part of the installation we were required to inspect our gas furnaces in each unit. We found that our gas connectors were old, out of date, and needed replacing. We also found that three of the furnaces were releasing high carbon monoxide levels. We did not know that these life safety issues were a problem. So we replaced three furnaces and all the gas connectors.”

After reviewing the recommendations from the Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements program, John decided to make some building improvements such as adding insulation in the attic and installing LED lighting in the common areas and the exterior. Within the units, he focused on water conservation devices such as low flow aerators, showerheads and hot water recirculation controls that also reduced the water heating bill. This resulted in a savings of $71 a month on water and $53 a month on gas in the 3 months aft er the October installation, particularly impressive considering the fact that these expenses typically rise during the winter months. The combined savings on the electric, gas and water bill translated to a 14% return on investment despite the extra expense of the new furnaces.

Ultimately, John was happy that he was able to align his personal values with his business goals.

“In these times, we all need to do what we can to save energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and it adds up if everybody does something. It is a great opportunity for people to take on things they have been putting off and it is easy to do.”

Property Profile
John Gianaras
# of Units
# of Buildings
Sq. ft.
Year Built
Upgrade at a Glance
Energy Savings

• 14.1 % overall energy savings
• 614.8 Therms saved
• 2,577 kWh saved
• 5.2 metric tons C02 emissions reduced


Rebate Amount


Measures Included

• Attic insulation
• Hot water recirculation controls
• Kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators
• Low flow showerheads
• LED lighting in common area, garage and exterior

Other Benefits

• Improved safety upgrades on gas heating
• Increased water efficiency

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