333 Keller

333 Keller
Sonoma County

Bess and Peter Allen come from a family of Real Estate professionals. Their family’s philosophy has always been to keep rents slightly under market value to encourage tenants to stay for the long term. They also believe that creating a nice home environment means taking care of the earth, and their 18-unit apartment complex at 333 Keller in Petaluma is within a community that shares that belief. BayREN’s Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements program helped the Allens keep rents low, while addressing issues that are of concern in their tenants’ community.

Efficient showerheads are not always popular among tenants, but the Allens know their tenants well, and knew they would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to conserving energy and saving water during California’s drought. For this reason, they chose to keep their tenants informed about their efficiency upgrade project. The Allens sent a letter to tenants prior to installing upgrades explaining the scope of the project and the environmental benefits of carrying it out. They also chose to include their tenants in the showerhead model selection process. Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements enabled the Allens to purchase high quality low-flow showerheads that were so efficient that some tenants didn’t believe they were low-flow.

In addition to appreciating the environmental impact of the upgrades, the tenants expressed satisfaction with the exterior lighting upgrades and the sensors that kept them from shining into their sleeping spaces in the middle of the night. The lights are also in locations along the building perimeter that make them difficult to change. Thanks to the new long-lasting 22 watt LED lamps, building maintenance will not have to change them as often.

The Allens were also able to install a high efficiency condensing water heater, put in water heater demand controls, insulate domestic hot water pipes, install an ENERGY STAR rated refrigerator & install low flow kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators – and the rebate provided by the Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements program covered a significant portion of the total project cost. “The program worked out really well for us,” commented Ms. Allen, “we started realizing savings immediately.”

We started realizing savings immediately.
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Bess & Peter Allen
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Measures Included

•High efficiency condensing water heater
•Water heater demand controls
•Hot water pipe insulation
•LED exterior lights
•Low flow faucet aerators
•Low flow showerheads

Other Benefits

•Water savings
•Increased safety from improved lighting